Privacy Policy

InPrivateSearch is all about privacy and we want to be transparent on how we manage our data. Detailed below is what we collect from you, how we use it, and to whom we share it. If you do not consent to these policies, please refrain from using our product. Using our product means that you have read our policies and have consented to them.

Our Privacy Policy might change due to reasons such as new laws and technology, business practices, or if changing it helps us serve you better. All these changes will be reflected on this page accompanied by the date it was updated. A notice will be posted in our website to inform our users about the change. The continued use of our product means that you have consented to the changes and accepted its terms.

As mentioned above, there are data we collect from you, our users. However, there are no personally identifying information collected. Meaning, even though we collect data these are not connected with you and can not be traced back to you. Your privacy is our first priority and we make sure it is protected.

The data we collect:

  1. Numerical count of searches, search queries, ad clicks, and result clicks (These are all personally non-identifiable. None of these can be tracked back to you.)
  2. Technical information of your computer (Operating system and Browser used)
  3. Where you found out about InPrivateSearch
  4. Date of installation
  5. Name and email (Only when submitting help requests)

All the data we collect are kept as long as possible. However, as stated above, these data do not contain any personally identifiable information.

How we use the data:

  1. Improvement the quality and relevance of our search results
  2. Improve our product and the service we provide
  3. To be able to give the best support to our users

How we share your data

We can not emphasize this enough but your information is very valuable to us and we will do our best to keep is as safe as possible. Proceeding on this track, we secure the information that you provide to us by applying the appropriate organizational measures such as allowing access only to employees that need the data and using up secure technological equipments.

Your data may also be shared to law enforcement agencies when requested only if it is necessary to comply with a judicial proceeding, court orders, legal processes, or criminal investigations.

Consent on Transfer of Information

Users outside U.S. are assumed to agree that their information will be collected then stored on U.S. servers.

Mergers and Business Transitions

InPrivateSearch may go through business transitions like being acquired by a different company, a merger, or selling of a portion of its assets, the user’s personal information may also be transfers as well as part of the assets.

Notification to Children's Privacy (Users under the age of 13) We do not gather personally identifiable information of all users specially users under the age of 13. It may be possible that we unknowingly gather or receive information of users under 13. If we do, as soon as the information is verified, all the data of the users under 13 will be deleted immediately.


Additionally, InPrivateSearch contains links to other websites whose privacy policy might be different. We are not liable for the privacy practices on these websites. Users are wholly responsible when visiting these websites and we encourage that they read and be aware of the privacy practices of these websites. This privacy policy only applies when using InPrivateSearch.